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24/06/2022 10:17
Jonah Phillips

As a club we are sad to hear of the passing of another former player & loyal servant of our club, Mr Jonah Phillip..Jonah was a Burry Port boy through & through & made his debut for the seniors during the 1949-50 season - the first year when rugby was played at the Memorial Park, the same pitch that our club uses to this day. He was a strong running full back and a fierce tackler who perfected the 'Jacknife tackle' during his playing days. His skills were noted whilst serving in the Army & played for the British Army against Fiji after the Second World War.Jonah playe.....


Burry Port RFC @bprfctheblacks
25/06/2022 10:44:08
All the best for today's game @kirby_myhill . Looking forward to seeing that jersey displayed in the Club house😉🖤. https://t.co/pfRKAZv0QX


Burry Port RFC @bprfctheblacks
24/06/2022 11:51:20
Jonah Phillips RIP https://t.co/5dcybKeezI


Burry Port LadiesRFC @burryportladies
23/06/2022 20:39:50
STARTING NEXT WEEK! 01/07 DECHRE WYTHNOS NESA! 01/07! 🖤 #preseaon #bringiton @bprfctheblacks @StradeySospans… https://t.co/L28D77c6aY


Burry Port RFC @bprfctheblacks
21/06/2022 18:55:00
Congratulations to @kirby_myhill who will proudly be wearing our Club Socks when representing the Famous… https://t.co/1A0CWmU629