20 February 2018 / Club News


Due to relocation an exciting career oppurtunity is becoming available at our  club ! 

We have a vacancy for a Bar steward/Stewardess to be responsible for running our bar a summary of duties not limited to but must include:-

  1. To manage, control and effectively operate the bar areas and cellar area of the Burry Port Rugby Football Club Clubhouse (referred to as "the club").
  2. To open and close the club making sure the club is secure when closed including checking all windows and doors are secure, and setting the alarm on leaving.
  3. Bar Areas: —
    1. to maintain a high level of cleanliness and to ensure all bar surfaces and floors are cleaned regularly and at the end of a working day; ii) To supply beer mats on all tables.
  4. Cellar —
    1. To undertake the cleaning of the lines supplying beer to the pumps weekly; ii) Order and maintain stock levels as required ensuring stock rotation and the removal of stock that is out of date; iii) Ensure waste is kept to a minimum and any wastage is recorded in the relevant books provided , iv) To regularly clean and maintain the ice making machine and the glass washer machine.
  5. Money/Tills:-
    1. To manage and supervise the tills and floats during the working day to ensure the efficient operation of payments; it) Count and record the takings accurately at the end of each working day; iii) Secure the money in the safe at the end of the working day.
  6. Management of staff:-
    1. Organise the staffing levels in the bar in conjunction with the committee;
    2. Menage and direct staff during their time working at the club to ensure efficient operation of the bar and to ensure they conduct their duties appropriately and in accordance with any reasonable direction given by any member of the committee of the Employer.
    3. Banking - At the request of the Treasurer or other elected officer of the club to undertake the banking of the bar takings, keeping an accurate record of the money banked and providing that to the Treasurer when requested.
    4. Bar security:

i) To ensure that only authorised personnel are allowed into the bar areas; ii) To ensure that the doors to the bars are kept closed to prevent unauthorised entry; iii ) To ensure that the safe is kept securely closed at all times.

  1. To attend a meeting with the Employers committee once a month to discuss issues concerning the bar, supply of drinks, staffing issues and any other matters affecting the efficient running of the club in connected with the role as a bar manager. The date of the monthly meeting shall be set by agreement with the club Treasurer or Chairman

We are especialy interested in hearing from applicants who have idea's and experience on how to further develop our business and we are willing to discuss incentives should your ideas be implemented ! (there is a kitchen facility at the clubhouse which could be used to develop further trade). In the first instance please submit your interest in writing to Mr Jonathan Davies, Club Secretary, 59 Mansel Street, Burry Port, SA16 0BB. If succesfull you will be invited to a formal interview with the officers of the club. For the right person this is a great oppurtunity working with forward thinking employers. 

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